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Letters to the Editor

Letter: Anti-Trump diatribe

  • Author: Donald N. Anderson
    | Opinion
  • Updated: October 8, 2019
  • Published October 8, 2019

On Sept. 29, the ADN printed a letter that was an anti-Trump diatribe which exhibited no connection to reality. Under the title, “When will Alaska Republicans abandon the Trump travesty?”, the author made claims that Trump is the most corrupt, dishonest, deplorable President in our nation’s history. I find such a characterization totally divorced from reality.

The extreme left was so disappointed that their march through our institutions was interrupted by the 2016 election that they have reacted with a raging epidemic of anger, hate and dishonest insults so lacking in connection to the real world that most normal people can only look on in horror and hope for a gradual return to more logical political discourse.

I have observed the failures and successes of 14 Presidents. President DonaldTrump may well be the best of that group. He at least has a better record of fulfilling campaign promises than the other 13, in spite of extreme obstruction from Democrats in Congress.

Rather than abandoning Trump, Republicans have every reason to extend him support. The policies he has pushed on employment, our borders, climate change, regulations, foreign policy and America’s defense display a better mind (or superior advisors) than nearly all of the 13 presidents mentioned above. Failure by our representative and senators to support his policies would cause this citizen to question the value of their service.

— Donald N. Anderson


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