Letters to the Editor

Letter: Union action

Can you imagine what a nasty world it would be if everyone was a union member like me? Oh my gosh!

As a retired educator and retired laborer, If everyone had a livable retirement benefit like myself and others, and free medical coverage to boot, how awful! Retirement, medical, dental and vision coverage for everyone, just like the benefits I and Gov. Mike Dunleavy must endure, would totally suck. Right? How can anyone stand to be part of unions that engage employers to provide these things? Can you imagine?

All those unfair dues we had to pay over the years to secure a living retirement benefit and free medical benefits for life; dues exactly like the ones Gov. Dunleavy had to pay to get the same retirement benefits I have. Just imagine what that would be like. Just as remarkable, our Congress members pay no dues to receive the best retirement benefits in the world! But thank God, the GOP’s decades-long union-busting campaign and governors efforts to eradicate those nasty, nasty unions is working very well, while of course preserving their own benefits. Whew, I was very worried the “Good ol’ boys club” would have to survive without benefits.

Nationwide, union membership is down from over 22% in the mid-1990s to barely 11% now. Awesome! Good riddance, living wage, Davis-Bacon, all benefits and employee representation. Who needs em? The insanity of it all is, well, insane.

It’s great the GOP has successfully kept minimum wage as low as possible, too. Kudos! With employer representation like that, how could anyone go wrong voting for Republicans and against unions? Thankfully, Republicans, masters of misinformation and propaganda, write policy that rarely contains what the title of the policy says, and frequently just the opposite. The governor’s current “opt-in” union policy in support of “workers and First Amendment rights” does just that. Read the fine print, but more importantly, read between the lines. Vote.

— Wayne Jones


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