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Letters to the Editor

Letter: Amazing kids

  • Author: Jen Gessert
    | Opinion
  • Updated: November 6, 2019
  • Published November 5, 2019

I just wanted to let folks know about some great kids who did a good deed on Halloween.Our house was empty while we went trick-or-treating, so we left a bowl of candy on the doorstep. When we returned, not only was the candy gone (expected), but so was the actual bowl. We were bummed it had been taken by tricksters, but it wasn’t an expensive bowl.

Soon, a group of 12(ish)-year-olds came trick-or-treating to the door. I told them we were sorry to be out of candy, and that we were also disappointed someone had taken our bowl as well. The kids were disappointed too, not only about the candy, but that someone would steal as well. As they were leaving, they said, “We’re gonna find your bowl!” I gave them a description and off they went into the night.About 15 minutes later, they returned, victorious, with the bowl! They were clearly proud of themselves and felt good about doing a good deed. I thanked them profusely and called them my heroes. Off they went again into the night.

Five minutes later, four of them returned a second time to shovel handfuls of their own candy into the bowl so I would have candy for the next kids. How amazingly sweet. I hope my kids are that thoughtful and kind at that age. I wanted to call their moms and dads and tell them how awesome they were; I know they would be proud. It totally restores my faith in young people’s goodness.

Hope you all had a Happy Halloween!

— Jen Gessert


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