Letters to the Editor

Letter: Governor’s Outside hypocrisy

Just finished reading the article in the Nov. 4 edition of the ADN related to the John Sturgeon hovercraft case. For the most part, the article was very uplifting regarding agreement by diverse entities of the political spectrum in support of Mr. Sturgeon. Of course, the mainstream bias of the Washington Post had to come screaming through with the quote from Gov. Mike Dunleavy regarding Mr. Sturgeon’s persistence.

In reference to the Supreme Court’s unanimous decision, Gov. Dunleavy is quoted as saying he was fighting the idea that, “folks thousands of miles away know what’s better for Alaska than the people who live here, the idea that folks thousands of miles away believe that we don’t know how to live in Alaska, that we don’t know how to take care of Alaska, we don’t know how to appreciate Alaska and we need to be managed.” Very informative. I assume Gov. Dunleavy was quoted in opposition to Outside influences on the affairs of Alaska.

After reading Gov. Dunleavy’s statement, I wonder if he feels the same way about all of the Outside money from Texas he received for his gubernatorial campaign, all of the reckless Outside consulting he received on budgets, and now currently his tour to collect Outside money to defend the in-state campaign to recall him. Or maybe his actions speak much taller than his words. Or maybe the partial quote is the truth.

Still waiting on my full Permanent Fund dividend, Gov. Dunleavy — and the past owing.

— Jon Stewart


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