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Letters to the Editor

Letter: Nome port would benefit Alaska

  • Author: Richard Beneville
    | Opinion
  • Updated: November 13, 2019
  • Published November 13, 2019

Sen. Dan Sullivan is a key supporter of infrastructure in the Arctic, and specifically developing an Arctic deep draft port in Nome. The senator has ensured the project received fair and thorough evaluation. Sen. Sullivan’s support has been vital in advancing the project through the bureaucracy when there were unnecessary roadblocks and delays.

As the Arctic and Northwest Passage becomes more accessible, the state and nation must look forward. In my visits to other Arctic nations, they are not looking at the future; they prepared and are in it! The U.S. must not be behind the curve; now is the time to prepare and move forward. Hello Central!

Nome’s making progress on developing an Arctic deep draft port in partnership with the Corps of Engineers — Alaska District. We strongly believe it will help the regional economy, better protect our marine environment and protect broader national interests. The feasibility study will be complete in 2020; our project team has worked hard to give in-depth consideration to risks, benefits and costs. We expect combined economic and social benefits that will promote jobs and growth in Nome and across the state.

The Arctic is opening up to the world; the U.S. must play a proactive role. Nome’s taking on responsibility to meet the demand of increased maritime traffic, while ensuring protection of subsistence activities, Arctic environment, marine resources and other needs of our residents. The proposed project will promote economic growth in a region still feeling the effects of the state’s recession.

— Richard Beneville

Mayor, City of Nome


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