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Letters to the Editor

Letter: Show me the money

  • Author: Benjamin Sherburne
    | Opinion
  • Updated: November 18
  • Published November 18

Mayor Ethan Berkowitz says “Show me the money!” when talking about the idea of Chugiak/Eagle River leaving the municipality and becoming a city unto itself. What he really is saying is, “Please don’t take your money!” I will agree with the mayor when he says that Chugiak/Eagle River cannot afford to become little Anchorage North. But then the Eaglexit idea is not to form a city government that is the overweight, bloated, social experiment that Anchorage is fast becoming.

The point is that Anchorage loves the Chugiak/Eagle River tax base and the revenue it provides. Why? Because the 30,000 or so people who live here have repeatedly shown at the polls they don’t support the way Anchorage is run, nor the tax-and-spend social experiment that the mayor continues to foist. Bottom line, we really are for smaller government that asks the question, “Is this really government’s job?”

So the truth is that Chugiak/Eagle River has actually shown the mayor the money and he is scared what will happen to his budget if we take it with us!

— Benjamin Sherburne


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