Letters to the Editor

Letter: Stop blinding me, please

To put it kindly, the blue headlights, LED headlights and these special gold tip lights everyone is using are too bright.

I have blue eyes. Blue eyes are more susceptible to light sensitivity. Please go shopping and turn down those lights. I have gone to great lengths to have a better driving experience. I bought prescription yellow lenses. They help quite a bit, but I still need you to consider who you are blinding in those dark hours.

I am a firm believer in 24-7 driving with lights because of safety, but please don’t blind me.

You may also need to adjust your headlights to hit the road in front of you and not be shining in all sorts of places When we bought a truck this year, we had to adjust the headlights as they were pointing in the wrong direction, and it turned out they were installed backwards. You can find directions and how-tos on YouTube.

Now please get to it. I am a person in the middle of my life; I fear for the older people and those not likely to buy special glasses. Please be a responsible driver.

Sheryl Stevens

Eagle River

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