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Letters to the Editor

Letter: Republican Party needs rejuvenation

  • Author: Alex Koponen
    | Opinion
  • Updated: December 26, 2019
  • Published December 26, 2019

Watching and listening to the impeachment hearing, I observed a major difference between the sides. While one recited facts and necessity, the other reminded me of nothing so much as grade schoolchildren throwing insults that reflected far more of the insulter than of the one they were trying to insult.

I hope that the proud heritage of the Republican Party can recover. What once was the party that freed the slaves, instituted anti-trust laws and protected the great national parks has turned itself into a group of corporate bootlickers and sycophants to a caricature of an incompetent, corrupt and lying president.

Hopefully Republicans will realize that the rule of law our country is based on is more important than kowtowing to the irrational person they have chosen to follow. If they can rid themselves of the propagandists polarizing our country by spreading fear and hatred via spin, lies and conspiracy theories and sever the links between money and votes the Republican Party could once again become a party to be proud of.

— Alex Koponen


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