Letters to the Editor

Letter: Consider this, please

Let’s say you and I are jurors on a trial. Throughout the entire trial, we only get to hear from either the prosecution or the defense (take your pick). We never get to hear from the other side’s attorneys, witnesses, evidence they want submitted, nothing. No cross examination of witnesses ever takes place. We don’t get to see or hear anything presented by the other side.

When we retire to the jury room to deliberate, what kind of a verdict do you think we will reach? I say not an informed one. One not in any way fair to the person or entity on trial. If you rely entirely on the “mainstream” media as your sole source of information you are exactly like the juror we are discussing in this article. If you never seek out what the other side has to say, the opinion you form is as one-sided as the juror we discuss here.

In today’s political climate if you’ve never read anything by John Solomon, listened to a Dan Bongino podcast or watched his YouTube presentation, listened to Mark Levin or watched LevinTV or Life, Liberty and Levin, then you’re missing out as these are terrific places to start to find out what the “other side” has to say. Finally, take some time and look into the #WalkAway movement founded by Brandon Straka. Listen to the testimonials of these ordinary people. You have everything to gain.

— Jim Gill


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