Letters to the Editor

Letter: Doing what’s right

I was born and raised in this beautiful state. I have given so very much in every aspect and area of my life here to try to do good for the community as a whole.

I am saddened to see that as a lifelong Alaskan, when I make a complaint against an employer for inappropriate conduct and contact of an appalling fashion, I am transferred multiple times to other departments. This is followed by a referral to a different agency, followed by more transfers and a second referral, finally to be referred back to my first call and the place in which I started the process.

As someone who has a hard time standing up for myself, the lack of support this state shows for those who feel a need to reach out for help — in moments that warrant the need for that help in extensive ways — I am hurt and disappointed in the current legislation and management of this process that leads to the response I have received.

In some instances, it’s hard enough to reach out. It’s harder to continue to pursue when you are consistently passed off on the next person down the line, especially when all the time and effort is invested with no result when you reach the end of the line. With the responses received in those instances, it’s painful to consider continuing the pursuit of what is right. That, above all, I find appalling.

I write this to make a plea to anyone who has ever felt sexually harassed or mistreated by an employer, anywhere in this state, to speak out and help make a change. Everyone should have support in moments like that. The number of employees shouldn’t matter. The nonprofit or for-profit status shouldn’t affect your rights. The details shouldn’t downplay your rights as a human being. Stand for those rights and stand tall.

— Cassidy Huston


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