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Letters to the Editor

Letter: Zero transparency

  • Author: L.L. Raymond
    | Opinion
  • Updated: January 15
  • Published January 15

Bill Sherwonit's commentary on jet skis was excellent, but he left out one additional aspect: no one knows what is going to be done with the comments we are sending in. We are to send them directly to Rick Green (formerly a talk show host but now at Alaska Fish and Game) instead of the usual process.

The correct procedure — when citizens write comments on bills or changes in policy at the City, Borough or State level — means their comments are received by the agency and made public, available for anyone to read. Comments should be a part of what the final decision is, but in our case here, we don't know if anyone will ever even see them. Will they just be filed in some dark basement filing cabinet or the proverbial circular file? Seriously, what is being done with all our comments?

We need to cry "foul" about how badly this public process is being corrupted. And we need to continue to cry "Recall!"

L.L. Raymond


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