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Letters to the Editor

Letter: Damaged lives

  • Author: Mark Worcester
    | Opinion
  • Updated: February 11
  • Published February 11

I was distressed to read the Jan. 31 commentary by Frank Jeffries (“Containment or rehabilitation: Where do best practices come from?”). I had the privilege of witnessing a performance at, and taking a tour of, the Spring Creek prison last summer. When I say it was a privilege, it is an understatement: It was the most impactful event of my summer.

The positive culture at the prison of encouraging self-improvement among the inmates was manifest. The extent of the positive culture among the guards and inmates amazed me. I learned that the superintendent sought to have every inmate seek to better themselves every day, even if he had no hope of ever getting out of prison. The inmates responded to that encouragement by taking the initiative to create and even run self-improvement and re-entry programs.

To force out a such a visionary and inspirational superintendent should be a crime, and will certainly result in damaged lives and increased costs to the state. Shame on the Dunleavy administration.

— Mark Worcester


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