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Letters to the Editor

Letter: Foreign interference

  • Author: John Miller
    | Opinion
  • Updated: February 11
  • Published February 11

I would certainly like to know what was discussed during the recent private meeting between Sen. Mitch McConnell and Sen. Lisa Murkowski. During the lengthy closed-door meeting, McConnell must have made some threats and/or offered inducements in order to convince Murkowski to put party over country. After the meeting, Murkowski was gung-ho to end the impeachment trial without considering additional evidence.

Apparently Murkowski and her colleagues now believe that foreign interference in our elections is perfectly legal, so long as the contributions keep Republicans in power. Interestingly, Sen. Dan Sullivan put party over country without getting any “favors” from McConnell. I’m not sure if being the president’s lapdog (Sullivan) or voting based on threats and/or inducements from McConnell is worse (Murkowski), but certainly both positions put the senators’ integrity in question.

It will be interesting to see if the Republicans in Congress support legislation that will make it clear that foreign interference in our elections is illegal and that anyone who solicits or accepts foreign contributions will be subject to stiff penalties. It is my understanding that foreign contributions are illegal under current campaign laws, but obviously Sens. Murkowski and Sullivan disagree.

— John Miller


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