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Letters to the Editor

Letter: Trump questions

  • Author: Jim O'Toole
    | Opinion
  • Updated: February 11
  • Published February 11

At the end of his two-paragraph personal “political discourse” and support for President Donald Trump, Ken Caron suggested that, after “three years of this political discourse, let’s move on.”

Of course, he also demonstrated a certain amount of shock that anyone would call Donald Trump a liar, so I’m not sure what “discourse” Mr. Caron is referring to and finds obsolete. Some find Trump’s vulgarity and disdain for veracity something we should “move on” from, but I don’t think that was the reference.

Mr. Caron’s question regarding why John Bolton did not reveal his allegation that Trump committed treason “earlier” might finally cast a light on why so many people are willing to overlook the failings of this president, who doesn’t even know what state the Super Bowl champions represent. They feel the statute of limitations on presidential and Senate treason expires as soon as the president or Mitch McConnell says or does something treasonous. A lot makes more sense to me now.

But one question I believe Mr. Caron and other Trump supporters should be asking themselves regarding Mr. Bolton’s revelations regarding Trump’s conduct in office is, “Why are so many people who worked for Trump saying all these bad things about him?” These are/were Trump’s “best people.” Does a “statute of limitations” on “best” expire with these people as soon as Trump is done with them? I guess that’s two questions.

— Jim O’Toole


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