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Letters to the Editor

Letter: Trump wins again

  • Author: Liz Forsman
    | Opinion
  • Updated: February 11
  • Published February 11

In the past two weeks, I have read a number of op-eds and letters printed in ADN, almost all opposed to President Donald Trump. Referring to Trump as selling nuclear secrets to a foreign nation, let’s not forget it was President Bill Clinton who gave China our missile technology — gave, not sold.

As for remarks on Trump acting like a king or some kind of monarch, let’s not forget it was President Obama who acted like he was God and was treated as such when a Greek temple backdrop was built for him in the Colorado Democratic convention. I, like many, had my doubts about Trump; I didn’t even vote for him in the primary, but the more anti-Trump garbage I read, the more I back him. He’s president, and hopefully will get four more years to continue this economy. After all, “it’s the economy, stupid,” as a strategist for President Clinton stated — or are the readers too young to remember?

— Liz Forsman


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