Letters to the Editor

Letter: Our country needs us

Well, he got away with it. President Donald Trump was acquitted by the Senate. Our two Alaska senators voted along with the pack to acquit.

This despite Sen. Lisa Murkowski saying that the president’s behavior was wrong and shameful. As for Sen. Sullivan, well, he just hid in the middle of the pack. They both voted against witnesses despite polls indicating 75% of the people wanted them.

Our two senators have demonstrated a total lack of moral courage. They have shown disrespect for their oath of office to defend the Constitution and their oath to be fair and impartial in the trial itself. One can only guess at their motives.

There is no coming back from this. This is particularly painful as one of our senators has helped friends of mine, but ethics and morals trump all.

In the past, my political involvement was keeping up with the issues and voting. Well, I guess that is not enough. I’m coming out of retirement to volunteer to do my bit to help get these two out of office and replace them with people who demonstrate courage and morals. I hope others will join me. Our country is in trouble and needs us.

— Dave Olson


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