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Letters to the Editor

Letter: Challenging Joe Walsh

  • Author: Gary W. Thomas
    | Opinion
  • Updated: February 21
  • Published February 21

After reading Joe Walsh bashing not only President Donald Trump, but pretty much all of his supporters, it’s hard for me to really understand why the ADN even chose to publish this man’s whining diatribe. Who learned anything new from his ranting and raving about just how terrible conservatives “really” are?

If he is going to offer cross-sections of Republicans’ thoughts, maybe next time he should think bigger numbers of people interviewed usually means much more accuracy on opinions across the board. I believe Joe wasted a lot of time trying to convince Republicans that he is the better choice than Trump in November.

He probably would have done better running as a Democrat in the Iowa Caucus. It seems to me that he would be much more welcome in a party that mirrors all of his whining, versus fighting Trump with their same old tired talking points.

I wish the Daily News would attempt to offer differing opinions in their Letters to the Editor page, instead of parroting Democrat talking points in printed letters, along with either no, or minute opposing viewpoints. Maybe we could all learn something, instead of wasting our time reading more drivel from people like Joe Walsh, who really offered no info about himself. Even the other Joe Walsh — the musician — has more coherent thoughts in his music than this Joe Walsh was able to convey in a half-page column.

— Gary W. Thomas


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