Letters to the Editor

Letter: Alcohol tax will help protect kids

I grew up in and am raising my kids in Anchorage. I love it here, but I’m troubled by how many Anchorage children grow up witnessing domestic violence and substance use disorders, facing abuse and neglect, and struggling with homelessness.

The 5% alcohol tax on the ballot will create a sustainable source of funding to help our most vulnerable children and families in Anchorage. When I want a local microbrew, I’m OK with pitching in an extra 40 cents. Why? Because I know that those cents are designated specifically for public safety, substance misuse treatment, prevention of child maltreatment and domestic and sexual violence, and addressing the crisis of homelessness. This money cannot just disappear into the city coffers. The Assembly listened to our concerns and made this process much more clear and transparent.

This is Anchorage neighbors looking out for one another, stepping up to take care of our own at a time when the state lacks revenue and their budget is often in peril. Studies show this small tax won’t harm business or moderate drinkers like me, but will help protect our kids. As a mom, I do this every day. Let’s do this together as a city.

— Laura Norton Cruz


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