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Letters to the Editor

Letter: Encourage grocery pickup

  • Author: Michael Wilson
    | Opinion
  • Updated: March 22
  • Published March 22

Maybe one way to reduce the spread of the coronavirus is for all grocery stores to drop grocery pickup fees, to encourage people to order their groceries online, and pick them up in their cars in the parking lot. Additionally, have the grocery delivery people wear masks (not necessarily medical, but cloth outdoor masks to reduce spray from talking), gloves, as well as take constant sanitizing steps.

Additionally, push stores like Costco or Three Bears, which do not offered grocery pickup, to start offering it, and possibly offer state funding to set up an online shopping system if needed to do so.

This would reduce, for much of of the population, the need to get together with other people in large groups and potentially spread the virus. It would help reduce sick people going into — and needing to go into — grocery stores to get necessary supplies such as medicine, orange juice and soup, thus infecting everybody else. This would be good for normal colds and flus at any other time past the coronavirus, as well. It’s something we should be teaching people anyway.

— Michael Wilson


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