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Letters to the Editor

Letter: Where are the academics?

  • Author: Arthur Solvang
    | Opinion
  • Updated: March 22
  • Published March 22

Every time there is some sort of problem, the media and politicians bring out the academics, those people with numerous letters after their name that indicate their knowledge in one specialty or another. Why are they missing?

Mayor Ethan Berkowitz has virtually shut down the city. Any mathematician with basic statistical knowledge can easily explain the stupidity of these actions. Why are they silent? More people are dying of the common flu, for which they take flu shots, than the coronavirus.

Where are those learned individuals who teach in the field of medicine? They should be able to tell you that sunshine and fresh air is good for most individuals. Healthy people working out in a gym are at low risk for anything beyond flu symptoms. Most students are healthy and are not only of low risk but being exposed to the virus will aid in developing a resistance to it. Protect those at high risk and let the flu run its course.

Finally, we have the economists. OK, so I understand that after 100 years of adoring John Maynard Keynes and failing 100% of the time, they are completely at a loss. They are unable to say much. However, even in a basic Econ 101 class, students are taught the idea of substitution. There is no such thing as “price gouging” any more than calling an employee a “gouger” because they desire a wage increase.

The time has come for our academics to earn their money and point out the futility and foolishness of most of the actions taken by our reactionary government officials. The longer they keep silent the more you should think about replacing them when the schools actually do re-open. They should not be listened to.

— Arthur Solvang


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