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Letters to the Editor

Letter: We need airport COVID-19 screening

  • Author: Michael Mayo
    | Opinion
  • Updated: March 25
  • Published March 25

The bubonic plague was spread by rats. The COVID-19 virus has infected the world on the wings of jets. The governor need to issue an order to screen all incoming people on flights. We also need to do the other side of the coin. Screen flights going out of our airports. The villages are most delicate. This virus would be like smallpox and tuberculosis together to them.

We have to stop what we know is the worst spreader: the airplane. There is nowhere on a plane where one can be a social distance apart. Impossible to stop the spread.

China is now the safest place in the world if you do not want to get the virus. Most all the recent cases have come in on the plane.

— Michael Mayo


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