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Letters to the Editor

Letter: Pretzel logic

  • Author: Peter Montesano
    | Opinion
  • Updated: May 23
  • Published May 23

More pretzel logic from our congressional delegation, this time from Sen. Dan Sullivan in an assault on American banks and the free market, after several free market lenders balked at underwriting Arctic oil development.

Besides abusing the word “discriminate,” it seems that Sen. Sullivan is suggesting American business institutions, in this case lenders, should not be eligible for federal financial assistance if they adopt policies that run contrary to a given state’s interest — at least that is the best I can discern from whatever he was trying to assert. Exceptionally bizarre from a law school graduate.

If this is actually what he is meant, it is not a big step to think he also must believe, for example, that a private medical clinic in this state should not be eligible for the Paycheck Protection Program unless it accepts Medicare and Medicaid or that a landlord would similarly be ineligible for any government assistance if they decline Section 8 vouchers.

Welcome to Dan Sullivan’s America — so much for free markets. Sen. Joseph McCarthy would have subpoenaed Sen. Sullivan.

— Peter Montesano


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