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Letters to the Editor

Letter: School board censorship

  • Author: Bonnie Lembo
    | Opinion
  • Updated: May 23
  • Published May 23

It might interest the Mat-Su Borough School Board to know that all of the themes mentioned as objectionable in the novels banned from the curriculum are also found in the Bible: sexual assault, incest, slavery, war and other forms of violence, drunkenness, hatred and persecution of “the other.” Perhaps the board should ban the Bible.

One member admitted that he had read none of the books to which he objected. If he is not a reader, why did he run for school board? To advance an agenda of ignorance, narrow-mindedness and censorship? Dumbing down the curriculum is not going to get Mat-Su high school students into top colleges. The school board action is a terrible disservice to students and their parents.

— Bonnie Lembo


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