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Letters to the Editor

Letter: Still good people

  • Author: Emily McKenzie
    | Opinion
  • Updated: May 23
  • Published May 23

I am writing this letter to remind all of us that there are still good people in this world as well as to motivate others to do good. Yesterday I went to Carr’s to go grocery shopping and I had $60 in cash with me. On my way into the store, the money must have somehow dropped out of my pocket and onto the ground. I did not realize this until I got to the register and couldn’t find the cash. I paid with my card and went home thinking the cash was in a pocket that I had not checked yet or maybe I had left it in the car.

When I got home and dropped off my groceries, I realized that the cash was nowhere to be found so I went back to the store and asked an employee if anyone had found the money. She said that a man had turned the money in to customer service. I know that in these tough times, he could have probably really used that money for groceries, but instead he turned the money in.

I truly believe that it is the small acts of kindness that bring us together as a community. In order to pay this act of kindness forward, I will be donating the money to the Boys and Girls Club as well as to the Food Bank of Alaska. I do not know the name of the man who turned in the money, but I would like to say thank you. I hope that we all follow his example and try to help one another in any way that we can.

— Emily McKenzie


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