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Letters to the Editor

Letter: Delayed testing

  • Author: Lou Ann Poage
    | Opinion
  • Updated: May 24
  • Published May 24

On April 17, I started experiencing symptoms that might be COVID-19-related and on April 19, went to an urgent care center in Anchorage that was testing. I had the test and was told because I was in a high-risk group, the test would be sent to the state of Alaska and test results should be back in one to three days. As of May 3, no test results were back. I called the urgent care center several times and they are trying to find out what happened, but the standard answer is that state testing is backed up on getting results. However, they don’t believe the test was lost because they have to fax a form to the state letting them know a test is coming, and if it didn’t show up, then someone from the state would call them letting them know it was misplaced.

I’m feeling fine now; however, the big question is this — if my test still hadn’t been processed after two weeks, how many other tests are delayed? How far behind is the state on testing? Two weeks? Three weeks? One month?

— Lou Ann Poage


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