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Letters to the Editor

Letter: Overturning Obamacare

  • Author: Wayne Jones
    | Opinion
  • Updated: June 1
  • Published June 1

A recent Bloomberg article states that President Donald Trump’s Attorney General William Barr has decided to invalidate Obamacare during the most disastrous pandemic in a century. Like Vladimir Putin, Recip Erdogan, Mohammad Bin Salman, Jair Bolsonaro and other dictator-led regimes, Trump and his cronies prefer perverse logic to reality, denying factual data — and professional advice.

Further, AG Barr says the “stakeholders in the administration” have been discussing it. Administrative stakeholders? Aren’t all Americans stakeholders? Barr and Trump say we shouldn’t worry about pre-existing coverage; they support it. Great! Along with the promise to replace the Affordable Care Act with a better health care system. Really? Whew! That should give great comfort to all Americans.

After all, the most corrupt and dishonest presidential administration in American history, run by a sociopathic dictator and his incompetents, are telling us they’re taking care of things. With the COVID-19 epidemic death toll in America at 100,000 and counting, I guess myself and all American’s now have no choice but to bet our lives on it. What a country!

— Wayne Jones


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