Letters to the Editor

Letter: Doing our best


To ADN, for its Pulitzer Prize!


• To Costco, for making it safe for everyone to shop without worry. We are buying more there than anywhere because we feel safe, and we want to reward those who are making the greatest effort to keep us and their employees safe!

• To Fred Meyer and others, for making it safer with masking on employees. We stop in for brief shopping and hurry out. We also enjoy some online shopping from there.

• To Alaska Mill and Feed, for keeping us safe with crowd control and online order and pick up services.

• To health services like Bernie's Pharmacy and Alternative Medicine Clinic, which are taking utmost care to deliver products safely with gloved and masked curb side pick up.

• The farmer's market vendors, who are braving what is normally a very crowded scene to provide safely masked employees and customers great food and growing things!


To stores and other businesses that do not see the need to require masking either their employees or their customers. We cannot bring ourselves to risk coming into your buildings. Thus, we will not be able to spend our funds with you.


To all of our community members, to keep the effort up to mask, glove, wash, distance and stay safe and healthy while allowing your neighbors to do the same.

Wray and Cindy Kinard


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