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Letters to the Editor

Letter: Undersized PFD hurts Alaskans

  • Author: John Lamont
    | Opinion
  • Updated: June 10, 2020
  • Published June 10, 2020

If I can, I would like to start communication related to the 2020 Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend. Simply, the decision by our state legislators in March to deviously set Alaska’s 2020 PFD at $1,000 was done during a confusing time for residents of our great state. I am assuming that they (the Alaska State Legislature) discussed this decision knowing that our people were paying more attention to the coronavirus than what was happening in haste at the state Capitol. This was not the right time to set the 2020 PFD! I would like to know what I or other Alaska residents could do to bring a class action complaint against the state Legislature for their devious decision in March in setting the PFD amount just prior to going on recess in March.

The governor is also at fault for discussing it like this was going to be an addition to the 2019 PFD and/or a stimulus from the state’s oil wealth. Most residents in Alaska that I’ve discussed this with agree that they thought the amount that was approved by the state Legislature was supposed to be the other part of the 2019 PFD that the governor promised the residents of Alaska.

This small 2020 PFD check is going to hurt many financially underprivileged residents of Alaska, especially those in remote Alaska.

John H. Lamont


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