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Letter: Servers shouldn’t wear masks

My son and I used to have a favorite restaurant, where we ate at least once a week. We could walk in anytime and the hostess would look me in the eye, smile, and quickly find us a table, even when they seemed really busy.

Tonight, she saw us come in but she was busy clearing dirty dishes from a table. She ignored us. She was wearing a black cloth mask and oversized clear plastic gloves. She looked down at the floor and does not make eye contact. Five minutes later, she came to see what we wanted. She did not removed the gloves or mask. I couldn’t hear what she mumbled behind the mask. She took her dirty gloved hand and pulls the mask down so I can hear what she was saying. “Do you have a reservation?”

She leaned over the tablet and touched the screen with her gloved hand. Although there were many empty tables on both sides of the facility, we were told to wait 20 minutes, on top of the five we had already waited. Meanwhile, servers and bussers stood around fiddling with their cloth face masks. They pulled them down, then put them back on again. Then adjusted them again. They picked up dirty plates, then touched their face masks. They touched their face masks, then served food.

No thanks. I won’t be waiting 20 minutes for one of the empty tables. The whole staff has bacterial cesspools all over their faces. Never mind the fact that cloth masks do not prevent viruses at all. And those cloth masks makes it look like they are slaves. No smiles at all. Disgusting. I’ve totally lost my appetite for what was once a great restaurant.

Jennifer Titus


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