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Letters to the Editor

Letter: Wrong choice for chief

  • Author: Loretta Andress
    | Opinion
  • Updated: June 24
  • Published 6 days ago

Palmer Police Chief Dwayne Sheldon clearly expressed his attitudes, opinions and beliefs on social media: Black Lives Matter is a hate group; high levels of false reporting are common among sexual assault victims; white privilege is a rubbish notion; things that don’t exist includes “the wage gap” and “more than 2 genders.”

The threat of losing his job is not likely to change those beliefs and attitudes — any more than that would change one’s love of pie and ice cream. This man belongs nowhere near any public service position. This has nothing to do with “freedom of speech.” Certainly, Mr. Sheldon is free to express himself, and others are free to strongly disagree.

Loretta Andress


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