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Letters to the Editor

Letter: Betrayed by the Assembly

  • Author: Will Moseley
    | Opinion
  • Updated: July 6
  • Published July 6

I attended a neighborhood meeting on the evening of July 1, concerning the city’s proposed purchase of the Golden Lion Hotel and conversion to a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center. The meeting was attended by residents of Geneva Woods, College Village and Rogers Park, as all three neighborhoods will be adversely impacted by the City’s proposal. Midtown Assembly representatives Meg Zaletel and Felix Rivera were also in attendance.

Experts in attendance discussed the substantial impact on neighborhood property values, increased crime and trash that the proposed center would bring to the neighborhoods. Experts also discussed what an inappropriate location the Golden Lion Hotel is for a drug treatment center, and that such centers should not be placed in residential areas. Several other more appropriate locations and building were also discussed.

After hearing Meg Zaletel and Felix Rivera talk, it was readily apparent that the project is being rushed with very little notice to the neighborhoods affected, and with very little planning or forethought as to the impact on the adjacent neighborhoods. Last, residents in attendance were shocked to learn that Meg Zaletel, our representative to the assembly, was actually a co-sponsor of the proposed purchase and conversion. Needless to say, residents of the Geneva Woods, Roger’s Park and College Village neighborhoods feel very betrayed by Meg Zaletel’s efforts to push this rushed and poorly conceived proposal on us. With representatives like Meg Zaletel and Felix Rivera, who needs enemies?

Will Moseley


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