Letters to the Editor

Letter: Vaccine is our only hope

During World War II, thousands of Polish Jews hunkered down in safe houses, sometimes for years, during the Nazi occupation. In this health crisis, however, some Americans believe remaining at home as much as possible and following protocols such as masking and social distancing is a gross violation of their civil liberties. The Germans and Japanese got with the program, flattened their outbreak curves and saved thousands of lives. The Canadian province of British Columbia has also significantly flattened their COVID-19 curve, thanks to the decisive actions of provincial health officers and public cooperation.

Lacking national leadership and mired by a self-indulgent, self-gratifying, selfish population lacking in self-discipline, the U.S. will wallow in the coronavirus for many months to come; suffer staggering deaths and its economy (the real economy, not Wall Street) will continue to stagnate — until an effective vaccine has been tested, proven and mass-produced. Since we can’t count on citizens to listen to scientists and cooperate in this pandemic, improved treatments and a vaccine are our only hopes.

Frank E. Baker

Eagle River

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