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Letters to the Editor

Letter: Alaska’s elections work

  • Author: Leslie Ridle
    | Opinion
  • Updated: July 30
  • Published July 31

I write today to voice my opposition to Proposition 2 on the general election ballot: "An Act Replacing the Political Party Primary with an Open Primary System and Ranked-Choice General Election, and Requiring Additional Campaign Finance Disclosures."

Even the name of this proposition is concerning. The group organizing this unnecessary proposition is violating its own alleged goal. Supporters claim to want to get Outside dark money out of Alaska, but a quick review of their campaign finances shows they have received more $464,000 in Outside dark money. More than 95% of their money comes from Outside, and from one big donor who isn't from here.

I'm tired of Outside dark money groups and individual rich outsiders trying to manipulate Alaskans. This group only further undermines its own credibility by using the exact same deceitful methods they claim to oppose. If this proposition is so good for Alaskans like they claim, then why are the majority of their dollars from Colorado, Texas and Massachusetts?

Alaska's election process is fair and safe. Don't be fooled by Outside dark-money influencers trying to scare you from voting. I hope Alaskans will join me in opposing Proposition 2. It's time to send the message once and for all that our voices are more important than Outside dollars.

Leslie Ridle


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