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Letters to the Editor

Letter: Church hypocrisy

  • Author: Leo McCauley
    | Opinion
  • Updated: July 30
  • Published July 31

After reading the commentaries from some of our religious leaders regarding support for the municipal plan to purchase housing for the homeless, I would like to point out the obvious. The churches whose leaders want us to spend our hard-earned federal tax money (COVID-19 funds) to purchase these properties and then put the local property taxpayers on the hook to fund these operations down the line, do not pay taxes on their property. 

It is easy to give a sermon about charity with other people’s money. Charity should be given by choice. Taxpayers have no choice. If churches are so wealthy, they can fund housing for the homeless. I chose to be charitable on an individual basis so that I have choice as to who shows a real need and desire to help themselves — not just looking for a free ride. Too often, the people who make their living from charitable organizations don’t put their own money in the pot. They spend considerable time trying to tap into the big money (ARCO-BP) or taxpayers.At least ARCO and BP had a choice to cut the gravy flow if they chose. Taxpayers are stuck with no choice. 

Leo McCauley


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