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Letters to the Editor

Letter: Time to step up

  • Author: Lilian Petershoare and Joan Gilbertson
    | Opinion
  • Updated: July 30
  • Published July 31

President Trump’s refusal to develop a cohesive national plan to combat COVID-19 is resulting in thousands of unnecessary deaths and tremendous hardships for millions of citizens. We ask readers to urge our congressional delegation to promote development of a national plan, one that relies on the advice of experts.

We acknowledge the delegation’s hard work on another economic aid package, but the need for continued economic assistance will reach even more astronomical proportions if we don’t significantly curtail the spread of the virus. Will we continue to tolerate an escalating infection rate causing more horrific, lonely deaths or, in some cases, long-term disability; tremendous job loss; more business failures; schools to remain closed; rising health care costs and more lockdowns?

Congress must immediately exert political pressure on President Trump to develop an effective, science-based national plan for responding to the pandemic. Our delegation must work to advance this proposed intervention in concert with the growing number of GOP leaders who have begun to contradict the president.

It is not naïve to expect our elected officials to be responsive to its citizenry. We must be assured that our political system still functions on behalf of the people, rather than for a particular political party. Please don’t remain silent.


Lisa Murkowski: (202) 224-6665 or

Dan Sullivan: (907) 271-5915 or

Don Young: (202) 225-5765 or

Lillian Petershoare and Joan Gilbertson


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