Letters to the Editor

Letter: What’s killing us?

What is killing all of the Alaskans? According to the Department of Health and Human Services statistics from 2018, it is:

1. Cancer, 957 deaths

2. Heart disease, 814

3. Accidents, 397

4. Smoking, 221

5. Strokes, 214

6. Suicide, 184

7. Alzheimer’s disease, 131

8. Diabetes, 123

9. Alcoholism, 121

10. Influenza, 69

My prediction is that when the bodies are finally counted for 2020, COVID-19 won’t even be in the top 10, yet suicide and alcoholism will likely double.

Let’s keep keep our perspective and get back to living, working and teaching. No matter how careful we are, we are not getting out of this place alive.

David Miller


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