Letters to the Editor

Letter: Our finest hour

In years past, the United States has repeatedly dealt with dire threats to its existence. For example, had the Wars of 1812, the Civil War or World War II not ended in a manner favoring the U.S., the United States might not even exist today, and we could be living today in the “former” United States, leading adverse lives, bereft of the freedoms that our ancestors had previously enjoyed.

In the past, our freedoms were usually defended by members of the U.S. armed forces, who bravely fought and died defending our country and our way of life. Today, our nation is again threatened by forces that would deprive us of our freedoms, and change our government beyond recognition. This threat comes not from without, but from within – from the President of the United States himself, Donald Trump, and from the many Republican members of Congress who have helped him damage our government and its institutions, and to tarnish our international reputation.

There is little that our armed forces can do to combat this danger, for this is a threat which can be effectively neutralized only by us, the U.S. public – through our votes in the upcoming November election.

If Donald Trump wins re-election this November, he will then have the power, during the ensuing four years, to change the United States for the worse in a thousand ways, wracking havoc to our American way of life that will take decades to correct, once he leaves office.

Please, everyone, vote in November. Let’s consign Donald Trump, together with his Congressional coterie of sycophants, apologists and enablers, to the dustbin of history. Together, let us reestablish the U.S. as the leader of the free world, the shining light of hope and betterment for all downtrodden peoples everywhere. Let us make the upcoming national elections of 2020, in the words of Sir Winston Churchill, our finest hour.

Stephan Paliwoda


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