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Letters to the Editor

Letter: Elect Galvin

  • Author: Roger Helmer
    | Opinion
  • Updated: September 14
  • Published September 14

Alaska’s workers are hurting. There are now 39,000 fewer jobs statewide than this time last year, with every major industry hemorrhaging jobs by the thousands. These are blows Alaskans cannot afford, given that our state already has the highest unemployment in the nation and ranks 49th out of 50 for job growth.

Our economy is failing Alaskans now, just as it was before the pandemic began. This is not a coincidence but the consequence of bad political choices. In this fact, though, I find an unlikely comfort: If a struggling economy is a man-made problem, it can be solved by the right leader.

Alyse Galvin is the leader our economy needs. She knows hard work better than most politicians in Washington, having worked as a waitress, small business owner, substitute teacher, and under two governors. She knows Alaska’s economy like the back of her hand, which is why her ideas are tailored to solve the problems unique to our state. Alyse proposes strengthening vocational and technical schools to prepare more Alaskans to enter the workforce, and she would expand broadband so all Alaskans can access educational and job opportunities on the internet.

If we want to fix our economy, we have to elect someone who knows our economy. Alaskans are hardworking people, and we deserve a hard-working Representative. As a Marine, I recognize the principles of determination and dependability in Alyse Galvin, so I will be voting for her on Nov. 3.

Roger Helmer


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