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Letters to the Editor

Letter: Money bomb

  • Author: Jim Lieb
    | Opinion
  • Updated: October 15
  • Published October 16

What’s going on? All day long, all night long, congressional political ads on all the local TV and radio stations, costing millions of dollars. Seems to be much more than what has happened in the past few congressional races.

According to Advertising Analytics, as of Oct. 9, pro-Al Gross groups have spent $2 million on television and radio advertising, compared to $740,000 for pro-Dan Sullivan groups. According to NBC News, a new Gross-supporting super PAC, formed Oct. 5, is dropping $4 million into the race. Gross himself has announced that his campaign has raised $9 million.

The Oct. 9 Washington Post take on this subject clarifies what is going on: In 26 states, Republicans delegations currently are in control, while Democrats control 22 (it must be a tie in two states). For this reason, “(Nancy) Pelosi has been so focused in recent weeks on trying to flip GOP-led delegations or take control of tied ones so that the House would have the votes to elect Biden if necessary. She identified her targets as Alaska (and four other states) - states where she is directing campaign funds.”

Apparently, Pelosi and her buds are concerned that the popular vote will not be completely counted by, or be in dispute on, Dec. 14, the date by which all electoral college electors are required to meet and vote. If the Electoral College is not be able to declare a winner by this legal deadline, Congress apparently would then step in and make decisions that will determine the election outcome.

So is this scheme going to work in Alaska? Time will tell.

Jim Lieb


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