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Letters to the Editor

Letter: Vote Sullivan

  • Author: Carolyn Porter
    | Opinion
  • Updated: October 23
  • Published October 23

I know Sen. Dan Sullivan. Dan made the choice to become an Alaskan — as many of us have. As a colonel in the Marine Corps Reserve, Dan is not a stranger to fighting for what is good and right. He has not now — or in the past — hidden or tried to dodge tough issues. Instead, he tackles them head on and often brings the fight with him. He is up front about where he stands on issues, his love for Alaska, and his desire to keep our state and country thriving.

Dan supports and has fought for a stronger military presence in Alaska, including bringing $1.6 billion in military construction, opening our lands to responsible natural resource development, brought state and federal leaders together to fight the opioid epidemic.

Al Gross on the other hand, is confusing. He left Alaska and bought a multimillion-dollar mansion in California. Gross gets millions of campaign dollars in dark money from outside the state — by people who aren’t Alaskan and never have been here, yet believe they know what’s best for our state and our country. I encourage my fellow Alaskans to look past the noise brought into this race by outsiders. Dan has grassroots, Alaskan support, unlike Gross, who is grossly unqualified to fight the anti-Alaskan, Lower 48 agenda that Senate Democrats want to make a reality.

Carolyn Porter

President, Mat-Su Republican women


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