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Letters to the Editor

Letter: Get rid of Trump

  • Author: Terry Wilson
    | Opinion
  • Updated: October 26
  • Published October 26

OK, suburban women (are there suburbs in Alaska?):

Recall the feeling of a giant pimple erupting on your otherwise peaceful complexion. As it fills with pus and becomes crowned by a green peak, we know it must be lanced, but worry about what comes after. How will we cover the damage, explain the wound? But no matter, we know the poison must be purged.

Donald Trump is that pimple, so full of fear and bigotry. He must be expunged so this country can heal and step forward into the future. We need to return to peaceful and civil disagreement to work out our problems, and develop policies that tackle our true enemies: pandemic control, climate change and social media monopolies.

His true character will be shown after Nov. 3 through Jan. 20. How will he take out his anger - no matter whether he wins or loses?

Terry Wilson


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