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Letters to the Editor

Letter: Where has all the TV news gone?

  • Author: Ken Green
    | Opinion
  • Updated: November 21
  • Published November 21

The overnight disappearance of an Alaska TV news and weather program — to be replaced by a double showing of the Other Channel (dramatic music) — was a surprise. Well, the weather/news was repetitious, anyway, and different perspectives are so bothersome.

But now, two separate channels are showing exactly the same news. The old-timers are in charge again, looking like they just swallowed a canary, and the youngsters have been ousted. That’s actually great — less news means less worrying thought. Thankfully, we still have a choice of which “we’ll-be-back-after-the-break” advertisements to watch, since the same news seems to have different sponsors on each channel — a clever way of doubling the income for the same news presentation, I would think. The M&M and Co. news was entertaining for a while, but things change, and the Fox-in-the-henhouse channel is still there.

In any case, a more accurate weather report comes by cellphone. On another note, I agree that ADN’s full-page political endorsements were tacky and unnecessary.

— Ken Green

Cooper Landing

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