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Letters to the Editor

Letter: Remove protections for ‘bad apple’ cops

  • Author: Michael Salzmann
    | Opinion
  • Updated: November 22
  • Published November 22

So many members of our law enforcement agencies help provide the protection our communities need. However, the few cops that abuse their power or enforce the law without care or empathy have poisoned the well against cops for myself and many others across the country. There are ways to restore trust in our law enforcement, including one reform that would close the legal loophole of qualified immunity.

Qualified immunity reform is fancy language that really just means this: Allow people who are victims of police brutality, and even fatal excessive force, to sue the bad cops who brutalized them. It is a simple way to protect officers who do right by our communities every single day and to weed out the bad officers who perpetrate violence.

I want to trust law enforcement again. I want to hold bad cops accountable and keep the good ones safe. I believe that ending qualified immunity will provide the accountability we need to move forward.

— Michael Salzmann

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