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Letters to the Editor

Letter: Poor behavior

  • Author: Ted Wittenberger
    | Opinion
  • Updated: November 23, 2020
  • Published November 23, 2020

As one of Sen. Lora Reinbold’s voting Eagle River constituents, I wish to express my concern over her recent behavior on an Alaska Airlines flight and her related comments afterwards as they relate to the COVID Pandemic.

Alaska Airlines is a privately owned company and their policies are their own and not imposed by any government authority. If a restaurant has a policy of “No shirt, no shoes, no service,” does she make a fuss because she is being “oppressed?” Sen. Reinbold’s lack of respect for the rights of a private company to address the safety concerns for their passengers and crews is telling in light of the mounting COVID-19 death toll. And then to double-down on her “Karenesque” behavior by encouraging the public to avoid testing indicates a profound lack of understanding of the crisis that has evolved around us. What is it about respiratory transmission that she has difficulty understanding?

I have four nurses in my immediate family, including both my daughters, who work in area hospitals serving Sen. Reinbold’s constituents, among others. Instead of whining about her perceived loss of “liberty,” perhaps she could focus her propensity to complain on the lack of protective gear in Alaska’s hospitals and clinics. And why would she encourage the public to avoid testing? How does she expect health professionals to identify who has the virus and who doesn’t? What does she propose instead of these basic public health tools?

I feel she owes an apology not only to Alaska Airlines, but to the people of Alaska for behaving like a Karen (to use her term), and she should promise to try to set a better example for the people in Alaska.

Ted Wittenberger

Eagle River

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