Letters to the Editor

Letter: Tax discussion

I give credit to Roger Marks for bringing up the subject of broad-based taxes. I paid Alaska income taxes the entire time they were in effect. I had skin in the game and knew there was and is no such thing free lunch.

Structured properly, we could still have an income tax and a Permanent Fund Dividend. The PFD has been credited for reducing some of the income inequity that is seen in so much of the U.S. At least we are not subsidizing our often highly paid non-residents with a PFD. I well remember that “out-of-state workers” (nonresidents is the correct term) were a motivating factor in the push for statehood. We became a state, but largely lost that battle.

Any job that any nonresident takes from a qualified Alaskan is one too many. We need to stop subsidizing nonresidents, as they pay no income taxes on the wages and salaries that take out of Alaska when they go home. Many of them may buy something in Fairbanks or Anchorage airports on the way home, but that has to be rather minimal. They do not even have to pay a sales tax there.

John Jensen


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