Letters to the Editor

Letter: We need more Reinbolds

Malfeasance is defined as wrongdoing or misconduct, especially by a public official. This term, unfortunately, sums up the actions of the majority of our Alaska representation, local, state and federal.

Our state representation has blown through multiple billions of fund money on boondoggle projects like the Delta Barley project, the Matanuska Maid milk project, the Anchorage fish processing project and numerous others. Incompetence seems to raise its ugly head whenever we engage in major projects. The critical Anchorage harbor upgrade project comes to mind, which was ramrodded by one of our former governors and it failed wasting millions and we still have a slowly failing harbor.

This is why we’re constantly having to defend and protect the Permanent Fund, and I fear we’re losing that battle, because politicians are tugging at the bit to get their hands on that money promising to make up the difference with new taxes. If they get their way, we’ll never get spending under control. All this while our public school system is rated at or near the bottom nationally while being the most costly.

This is why our per-capita costs are the highest in the nation. We need courageous representation at all levels. One of these is Sen. Lora Reinbold in Eagle River. We need several more like her.

— William Ahrens

Eagle River

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