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Letters to the Editor

Letter: Buying what no one wants

  • Author: D. Matt Duncan
    | Opinion
  • Updated: January 10
  • Published January 10

In the coming years, I may be forced to eat crow regarding Arctic National Wildlife Refuge investment, but the recent state-backed purchase of our own ANWR oil leases is baffling to me.

None of the real players in this sector spent a dime. From the story published Jan. 7, I could not tell how much the state spent, but half of that went to the federal government and the other half bought oil leases no one wants. We did not receive: funding for UAA, traffic calming, road maintenance, addiction support, police resources, expanded services for the housing-insecure community, litter abatement, school funding, green belt and trail maintenance, etc., for the investment.

Maybe the Alaska Industrial Development and Export Authority should buy a whiteboard where they can prioritize their investment dollars and make better decisions in the future.

— D. Matt Duncan


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