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Letters to the Editor

Letter: Coup isn’t over

  • Author: Douglas Woodby
    | Opinion
  • Updated: January 10
  • Published January 10

The mob that attacked the Capitol building was a white supremacist mob. Our governor was complicit: He chose to publicly amplify the lie that the elections was stolen when he chose to support the sham Texas lawsuit last month. That and scores of other lawsuits across the nation have failed: None have been able to show evidence for the fraud they claim.

And let’s be clear what the complicity is about: The endless stream of lies about election fraud have been attempts to deny the votes of Black and brown people in urban centers. This is a continuation of voter suppression from the Jim Crow era.

The complicity is shared among U.S. Sens. Josh Hawley, Ted Cruz and many other Republicans who, despite knowing better, have been amplifying the lies, hiding behind an absurd rationale that they are just speaking for the many Americans who believe the election was stolen. The reason Trump supporters believe the election was stolen is because those senators, the president and other Republicans keep amplifying the lies in an echo chamber. All Alaskans deserve to have the governor show courage and integrity and tell Alaskans that the president has been lying and is still lying: The election was not stolen.

The attempted coup is not the end. Our democracy will continue to be under attack as long as politicians continue to amplify the lies.

— Douglas Woodby


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