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Letters to the Editor

Letter: Get ready

  • Author: David Werner
    | Opinion
  • Updated: January 10
  • Published January 10

Now that we have seen what Donald Trump and his radicalized followers are capable of, having witnessed Wednesday’s invasion of the Capitol building, effective law enforcement needs to be present on the day of inauguration, both in the nation’s capital and state capitals where rioting and destruction may now be expected.

Trump’s words and actions during his last two weeks in power are unpredictable, but we can safely say that he will never accept the election results or attempt to defuse his extremist followers. They may even act autonomously in his support without his inflammatory goading.

Law enforcement needs to be better prepared this time, ready to protect government property and make appropriate arrests of rioters. Insurrection and seditious actions can not be tolerated in our America.

— David Werner


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