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Letters to the Editor

Letter: Republican enablers

  • Author: Judy Green
    | Opinion
  • Updated: January 13
  • Published January 13

How ironic that Sen. Lindsey Graham says he doesn’t support throwing Donald Trump out of office, saying if he tries something else, “all bets are off.” At the same time, he rants about how when Trump supporters charged into the Capitol building, they could have all been blown up and that they “dodged a bullet.”

Which is it? What will it take for Republicans to stop enabling treason and tyranny, all while pretending to be supporting democracy? They were warned about this a year ago and have given up their powers ever since then. I say clean out the enablers in the Senate after clearing out the White House. It is time for Joe Biden to take office and for the enablers to be called out.

— Judy Green


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